We provide couples counselling, marriage counselling, psychological counselling, systemic appreciative therapy, sex & couples therapy, crisis management & life counselling

Getting started

Counselling This is our first meeting, it is about your time and an investment to yourself. It is necessary to feel confident in an atmosphere of trust and  respect.
We are going to explore what is your current condition and what do you want to gain in order to decide what fits better for you as a person.
We are going to answer your questions regarding the process and then we focus on your expectations, your challenges and the issues you want  to solve.

The duration of each session is 45 minutes – one per week. The process usually lasts about six months.

When you feel that your issues are solved and you are ready then we may end sooner and have a follow up session once per month for certain period of time.

A.      Solution-focused Therapy
B.      Systemic Appreciative Counseling
C.      Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Focused on the above methods, we use an eclectic model according to the case. With simple words Ι try to find directly the appropriate solution and not to perpetuate the problem or symptom.
A person affects directly its environment as well as vice versa, when something happens in an environment the person is affected too.
Finally, we help the person to understand what is happening and why the person acquires self-awareness and strength with the proper support.
First of all, we focus on the present, on what is going on here and now in order to start dealing together with your issues in a supportive solution-focused way.
Everything is based on clarity, transparency and good intentions with appreciation and a constant feeling of trust.

During our working life, we have aggregated many years’ experience in the areas of counselling, psychotherapy and conflict and crisis management with individuals, couples, families and organisations.

We are Chartered Psychologists we hold Master Degrees in clinical psychology and PhDs also Diplomas in Systemic Appreciative Counselling in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Solution-focused Therapy.

We frequently participate in continuing professional training in a wide variety of subjects relevant to counselling and therapy coaching and supervision in international intervision groups under the support of Association of National Organizations for Supervision in Europe (ANSE).

We also provide trainings and supervision for HR Experts and professionals of mental health.
– All our scientific partners hold a Master or/and a PhD degree.
– They have big practical experience in the required areas
– They do continuing professional training and receive supervision.

Our discussions and any kind of information and data, we may share, are treated as strictly confidential.

We provide solution-focused systemic counseling and therapy in English and Greek.


– Are you facing a personal problem that you cannot solve on your own or do you feel that you are in crisis?

– Are you in a relationship that is troubled or has stopped growing?

– Do your partner and you are thinking you need help to improve and clarify your relationship?

– Do you feel the need to make changes concerning your professional and personal life?

Each person is unique, its case is different even if there are similarities, and it is treated as unique with care, devotion and professionalism.